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Building Digital Trust Together.

Unlock the power of strategic solutions, overcome unique challenges, and navigate compliance seamlessly. Explore the impact of our expertise on your success.

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Let's start Building Digital Trust Together.

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Building Digital Trust Together.

Established in 2018 in New Zealand, Triple Ledger emerged as a Chartered Accountancy and Consulting firm, proudly licensed by NZICA/CAANZ and the Financial Markets Authority as a Licensed Audit Firm. Our Managing Director is also a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the USA.


Our core focus lies in digital trust services, catering to industries such as financial services, technology, and more. With a commitment to delivering strategic solutions aligned with regulations, laws, standards, and frameworks, we guide our clients toward compliance excellence.

Since inception, Triple Ledger has been instrumental in helping clients navigate regulatory landscapes. We go beyond mere compliance, actively contributing to the design and implementation of comprehensive roadmaps. Our approach involves uplifting policies, processes, and approaches, ensuring our clients not only meet but exceed the expectations of regulators and stakeholders.

In 2022, Triple Ledger reached a new milestone by joining JPA International, a renowned global accounting and consulting network. This expansion positioned us as the Oceania firm representing New Zealand and Australia (JPA New Zealand). Functioning as the Digital Trust Center for the JPA International Network, we provide cutting-edge thought leadership in the realm of information technology.


At Triple Ledger, we are not just auditors and consultants, we are partners in your journey towards digital trust. Explore the possibilities with us and experience the power of digital trust in shaping your success.

About Triple Ledger

Solutions you can trust.

How we help you build digital trust.

Digital Trust

At Triple Ledger Limited, we deliver comprehensive Digital Trust services designed to protect your organisation and enhance stakeholder confidence. Our expert team focuses on evaluating, designing, implementing, and maintaining digital trust capabilities, ensuring cyber resilience, privacy, and compliance of your digital operations. From risk assessments to cutting-edge digital solutions, we adapt our services to suit the unique needs of your organisation. Trust is the key currency in the digital age. Partner with us to thrive in an environment where trust is paramount. 


Check out some of our illustrative solutions below that help you achieve success.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

Our specialised consulting service provides tailored solutions to navigate the risks and implement robust controls associated with quantum computing adoption. From strategic planning to security architecture design, we help organisations safeguard critical assets and ensure compliance while harnessing the transformative power of quantum technologies.

Quantum Computing

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) leverages cutting-edge automation technology to streamline and optimize business processes. Through the implementation of intelligent software robots, we automate repetitive tasks, enhance operational efficiency, and free up valuable human resources to focus on strategic initiatives. Our tailored RPA solutions ensure seamless integration with existing systems, delivering rapid ROI and empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age.

Robotic Process Automation

Unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence with our HybridAI consulting service. We specialise in blending cutting-edge AI methodologies to deliver tailored solutions that drive efficiency, accuracy, and innovation for your business. From advanced data analysis to intelligent automation, our experts craft customized HybridAI strategies designed to propel your organisation forward. Experience the power of synergy between symbolic AI and machine learning – revolutionize your operations with HybridAI consulting today.

Hybrid Artificial Intelligence

Elevate your control environment with our specialised Controls Assurance solutions.

Partner with us for robust assessments, gap remediation, and reliable assurance opinions tailored to meet your unique business needs.

We go beyond assessment, assisting you in evaluating readiness, remediating gaps, and offering assurance opinions.


Whether you need to enhance internal controls or demonstrate compliance, our tailored approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of your organisation's control landscape.

Our expertise spans various standards and frameworks, including SOC1/2/3, ISAE 3000/3402/3150, and more.

Controls Assurance

Navigate the complex landscape of Regulatory Compliance with our comprehensive solution offering.


Whether you're building, creating, designing, implementing, assessing, or maintaining regulatory frameworks, we're your strategic partner in transforming initiatives into reality.


Businesses often face challenges in meeting regulatory requirements, and we specialise in providing the support needed to ensure your readiness and compliance.


Trust us to help you build, implement, and maintain a robust regulatory framework, ensuring your business remains in adherence to the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Regulatory Compliance

Boards and executives play a crucial role in ensuring that Technology and Information Governance aligns with the expectations of both internal and external stakeholders.


Our team offers the expertise necessary for boards and executives to fulfill these expectations.  We transform strategic initiatives into tangible reality.

If you're a board member or executive grappling with a Technology and Information Governance challenge, reach out to us. We can assist you in overcoming the challenge, achieving success, and exceeding expectations.

Technology & Information Governance

Our Facilitation & Training solution is your gateway to staying at the forefront of digital trust. We specialize in empowering businesses through comprehensive training sessions on pivotal topics such as cybersecurity, privacy, artificial intelligence, and more.

Our expert facilitators guide you through immersive learning experiences, ensuring your team not only understands but excels in the realms of digital trust. Stay ahead of the curve with our tailored programs, designed to equip you with the latest insights and strategies. Elevate your knowledge, strengthen your defenses, and thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your team and secure a future where digital trust is not just a priority but a competitive advantage.

Facilitation & Training

Empowering your operational resilience is our commitment. Acknowledging the dynamic demands faced by BAU teams, we stand ready to provide unparalleled support. Our dedicated experts seamlessly bridge operational gaps, offering not just assistance but a robust partnership in times of need.

Count on us as your unwavering ally, ensuring your business functions with during challenging periods. Let us be the driving force to empower your BAU teams, fortifying the stability of your day-to-day operations. Understanding the nuanced needs of BAU teams, our commitment is resolute – delivering exceptional support to safeguard your operational excellence.

BAU Support

Empower your organisation's success with our Project Support, dedicated to delivering complex business and technology projects that align with strategic initiatives and meet the expectations of internal and external stakeholders, including regulatory compliance.

Our comprehensive support includes seasoned Project Managers, skilled Delivery Leads, proficient Business Analysts, meticulous Testers, and other essential project members, all committed to ensuring a successful project outcome. Whether you are navigating strategic initiatives or striving for regulatory compliance, our team is equipped to drive your project to success.

Contact us today to transform your project challenges into triumphs and ensure a seamless journey toward your organisational objectives.

Project Support

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