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Hashing trust, confidence, & transparency

triple ledger limited is a professional services firm incorporated in New Zealand.  We aim to be the service provider of choice when it comes to finding pragmatic solutions to your business needs. 

Our Services

Our Servuces
Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Services

Do you need help complying with AML/CFT legislation?  We can help you with your strategy, risk assessment, compliance program, AML audit, KYC processing, and Compliance Officer as an Employee.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Do you need help assessing your governance, risk and compliance against legislative or regulatory obligations; or against internal policies, procedures, or mandates?  We can help you with your strategy, gap assessments, design and operational effectiveness assessments, and remediation activities.

Supplier / Vendor Assessments

Do you need to assess your suppliers / vendors to see if they are meeting your expectations or contractual requirements?  Are you a bank who needs to demonstrate compliance with BS11?  We can help develop a strategy / roadmap for you, or help you assess your suppliers / vendors.

Blockchain / Crypto Services

Do you need help with your Blockchain strategy to ensure you are headed in the right direction? Or do you need help with Crypto Taxation strategies?  We can help you with your journey so you are not alone!

Service Auditor Reports

Do you need a controls report for FMCA/FAA regulatory obligations or to meet your customers requirements?  We can provide assurance opinions for reports such as SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, ISAE 3402, or SAE 3150, using standards such as SSAE (USA), SAE (NZ), or ISAE (International).  If you do not need an opinion, we can provide an assessment on a non-opinion basis.

Internal & External Audit Support

Do you need help with your internal or external audit needs?  We can help with the internal control evaluation of your operational, application and information technology controls.

Supply Chain Assurance

Are you a producer, manufacturer, logistics, or e-commerce platform and want to demonstrate to your customers that your products are a part of a trusted verified supply chain?  We can help provide assurance over your supply chain.


Do you need help training your people?  We provide training from soft skills to technical skills.  We can provide onsite or virtual training programs to meet your needs.

Staffing Solutions

Do you need help with staffing on a short term or long term basis?  We can help provide resources on a contract basis.

Our Licenses, Certifications, and Memberships

triple ledger limited is a

Registered Audit Firm

with NZICA.


Ready to find out more?

We believe in helping our clients find solutions to their problems.  For a free consultation, please provide your contact information.  We can arrange an online or face to face meeting as needed.

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